By Oletha O’Donnell, Skilled Resident

Upon arriving here, I more or less fought the fact that I was here. As I got to know the staff, as well as some of your clients, I slowly changed my mind. I felt like the staff was extremely helpful and knew I was there to be part of my healing process. I was encouraged to participate in activities, which were a lot of fun and took my mind off the reason I was here in the first place. I wasn't as involved as I could have been, but I tried! During my time with the residents, I became more outgoing. My overall health and recovery were the first concerns of the staff at New Hampton Nursing and Rehab. In the morning, they are always pleasant, so I wanted to be more open about how I felt. We all became friends, I feel. When I think of New Hampton Nursing and Rehab, I use the words kindness and patience internally and externally. In addition to encouraging me to be my best, the OT/PT here is always pushing me to reach my full potential. I would be happy to return if there were any other circumstances in the future. I am going to miss all the support I had here from the staff and I will miss the residents.

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