By Cindy Svedsen

I am writing on behalf of my 4 siblings to express our gratitude to NHNRC for the quality care our Mother, Anna Jane, received at your facility.  Even though she was only with you for one year, she and our family came to think of all of you all as “family”.  We were extremely grateful for the kind and compassionate care she received during her stay.  She was always treated with respect and was always allowed to make her own decisions, which was important to her.  I’m reluctant to list staff names, as I would surely forget someone, but the ladies in the West wing deserve recognition for their patience, dedication and love they show to the residents.  

As you are well-aware, the move for anyone to a nursing home is a difficult and emotional one.  The staff alleviated the length and intensity of the challenges of that move.  We are grateful since we all live out of state. We’ve come to think of you all as family and that was most evident in her finals weeks of life with the love, kind words, tears and hugs that you all shared with us. We are forever grateful for each and every person at NHNRC for everything you did for Anna Jane.  

God bless you all.

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