Date Posted
October 3, 2023
Full Time

Job Details

The hours of our bath aide are 6a-4p Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. No weekends for this position.

If a holiday falls on one of these days, they will have to work it unless otherwise approved by their supervisor. Dress code is gray scrubs.

Essential Functions:
1. Bathe or assist residents in bathing (bed bath, tub, shower, or whirlpool).
2. Perform or assist residents with personal grooming needs (shaving, hair care, nail care, oral hygiene, denture care, skin care, and cosmetics).
3. Assist residents in dressing and undressing, as needed, in clothing appropriate to the time of day and season of the year.
4. Assist residents in caring for and securing (non-loss) of personal articles and clothing. Also assist with the labeling of residents personal articles and clothing.



Employment standards for this facility are consistent with EEOC for all people applying for or holding
this position.


Education: high school diploma or GED preferred.
Training: seventy-five (75) hour Nursing Assistant course with State of lowa Certification. Must also
participate in on-going continuing education.

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