Can't believe summer is almost coming to an end.  We remain all healthy at this time, but before we know it, flu season will be upon us.  Flu season is from October to March.  Please be on the look-out for consent forms in the next couple of weeks, please sign and return to the facility as soon as possible.  Information sheets on the flu vaccine will also be included with the consent forms.  We would like to have your loved ones receive the vaccine early October.  We highly recommend your loved ones receive the flu vaccine to protect themselves and others around them.  The flu vaccine and proper hand washing is a vital step in helping to prevent illness.  We also want to encourage anyone with flu like symptoms to avoid visiting until symptoms subside.  Flu like symptoms can include fever, coughing, muscle aches, and fatigue.  Please contact one of us if you have any questions regarding the flu vaccine.

Hayley & Tessa