WELCOME to the facility -Catherine "Katie" Schmit, William Winkelman, and LaVern "Punk" Cerwinske

. . . and to the Team - Heaven Strickland, Kennedy Huffman, Jessica Montgomery and Meredith Lensing

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Mike Geerts-4, Katie Schmit-28, Bea Davison-29

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Karen O'Connell-13, Ramona Gates-29

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Nancy Copper-1, Sierra Herzberg-6, Jessica Montgomery-24, Donna Rosonke-25, Taylor Perkins-27, Rebecca Schilling-28

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - MaryAnn Flatjord-22 yrs., Erin Flowers-1 yr., Carrie Hanson-1 yr.,Kelsey Kane-1 yr., Kylie Timp- 1 yr.

Courtney Wagens-1 yr.

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home - Mary Lantow

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the families of:  Rich Tekippe and Delilah Shaw,  we are grateful for the privilege to have known them.