We would like to thank everyone who attended our Family Picnic last month.  We had a great turnout, awesome food and music and even better weather!  We couldn't have asked for a better evening.

     Beginning this month, we have officially entered flu season, therefore it is important to remember a few tips to keep ourselves and the others around us healthy.  Make sure to always dress appropriately for the weather, continue to wash hands frequently and if you are feeling under the weather, please refrain from visiting your loved ones until you are feeling better.  Our facility strives to keep our clients safe and by following these simple guidelines we all should stay healthier!

     This month we would like you to join us in thanking our dietary department as they celebrate National Food Service Week beginning October 7th.  These wonderful individuals provide our facility with over 1,095 delicious meals per year.  Our hats go off to:  Sara, Natalie, Mariah, Celeste, Caitlin P., Tammy, Sheila, Cara, Molly, Taylor, Caitlin, Alexis, RoseAnn and Cassidy.

      Please join us for our facility open house for Trick-or-Treating on Wednesday, October 31st from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.