Happy March Everyone!  With spring on the way, we are thinking about getting outside!  We have started our gardening club, last meeting we talked about and decided on what we want to plant.  This month we will be starting our seeds!  Another exciting development is going to be our outdoor game area.  We will be having cornhole, ladder golf, bowling, horseshoes and other games to enjoy!  Our card club is off to a slow start, hopefully this month we can really kick this club into gear!  In the kitchen activities for the month we will be making homemade gummies, strawberry cream cheese bites, and St. Patrick's Pistachio Cake.  For crafts, we will be making bracelets, paper quilts, Lucky Shamrock Kisses, Beaded bags, and No Look Drawing.  Starting on the 25th of March we will be having monthly birthday parties for our residents.  At this months party we are having a special guest that I know will be a huge hit!  Check out our Facebook page to see pictures of all the fun we are having!  We are looking forward to all the laughter and smiles this month is sure to bring! 

                                                                                                                                                           Have a Safe and Healthy March!

                                                                                                                                                                          Shannon Pagel