We are happy to announce that this past month we wrapped up our COVID-19 vaccination clinics for New Hampton Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Kensington Place Assisted Living.  I am grateful to report that 94% of our tenants have received both COVID-19 vaccinations.  We are grateful that long-term care residents and tenants had priority to receive the COVID-19 vaccination!

I am also happy to report that the facility has begun offering indoor visitations on Monday, February 8th.  The Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services have implemented guidance regarding visitation.  Per this guidance, the facilities shall accommodate and support indoor visitation, beyond compassionate care situations, based on the following guidelines; the facility has no new onset of COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days, the facility is not currently conducting outbreak testing, and the county positivity rate remains below 10%.

These visits will be by appointment only and limited in length to allow for cleaning and social distancing.

  • Scheduling a visit:  To schedule a visit and/or to review visitation hours please go to www.calendly.com/nhnrc01 for New Hampton Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and for Kensington Place Assisted Living, please visit www.calendly.com/kpal01  click on "Indoor Visitations" and this page will then direct you on how to complete the scheduling

If issues arise regarding scheduling, please contact 641-394-4153 for New Hampton Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and 641-394-3316 for Kensington Place Assisted Living for assistance.

  • Screening upon arrival, visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19.  Staff will check a temperature and ask a series of questions regarding symptoms.  A log will be kept of visits.
  • For NHNRC visits, please go to the end of the South-East Wing and ring the doorbell at this door entrance (Next to the Fire Lane between NHNRC and Kensington Place) to be screened and to enter the facility.
  • For Kensington Place visits, please ring the doorbell at the Main Entrance on Short Ave. to be screened and to enter the facility.

Visitation areas will be set up to allow for 6 feet of social distancing.  Visitors must wear a mask for the duration of the visit.  Residents will be asked to wear a mask as tolerated.  Hand sanitizer must be used at the beginning and end of the visit.  Visitation areas will be disinfected between visits.  If your loved one is currently in isolation and'or quarantined they will be unable to participate in this visitation option until they are off isolation and/or quarantine.  The following guidelines have been set:

  • Visitors are required to be 16 years of age or older.
  • 2 adults can visit with one resident.
  • All visits for NHNRC will take place in the Family Room and all visits for Kensington Place will take place in the TV Room.
  • 30-minute visiting periods.

Please note, now there has not been any other regulatory changes made to the visitation policy.  However, if any new changes are announced the facility will continue to provide you updates either via mail, phone or will continue to provide updates on our Facebook Page ""New Hampton Nursing & Rehab-Kensington Place".  So, if you have not already done so, please "Like" our page!