WELCOME to the facility - Joyce Cavanaugh

. . . and to the Team - Tabatha Boleyn, Takira Thomas, Hannah Eichenberger and Diana Bisping

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Francis Reicks-11 and Lucille Reicks-12

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Shirley Hansen-17, Jim Galligan-21 and Jean Lowe-31

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Dawn Jurgensen-6, Bill Theis-11, Aiyana Hackelton-18, Jaycie Byrne-21, Jerzi Gitch-26, Alicia Fink-29

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Hayley Massman - 12 yrs., Lyn Bailey - 8 yrs., Kaitlain Schmitt-5yrs., Katlyn Baumler-1 yr.

Thank you for staying with us.  Best wishes on your new journey!  Karen Anderson and Barton Phillips

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of Lloyd Drewelow.  We're grateful for the privilege to have known him.