Welcome to the facility - Marilyn Randall, Gary Griffin and Lee Selck

. . . and to the TEAM - Beth Schwickerath, Ashlynn Tank and Madisen Fangman

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Alice Rethamel-13

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Lucille Reicks-11, Francis Reicks- 12, and Alvina Imoehl-19

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - natalie Breitbach-4, Lynette McCabe-5, Caitlain Pitzenberger-9, Sharon Heying-10, Caitlin Tiedt-11, Bill Thies-11,  Staci Vestal-11, Ashlynn Tank-21

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Becky Eichenberger-35 yrs., Sara Rahlf-18 yrs., Hayley Massman-10 yrs., Elaine Mayo-10 yrs. Lyn Bailey-6 yrs., kaitlain Schmitt-3 yrs., Kristina Boos-3 yrs., Martha Aispuro-2 yrs.

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home after your stay - Rosalie Pickar, Gary Griffin, Lee Selck.

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the families of:  Dennis Reaman and Marilyn Randall  We are grateful for the privilege to have known them.