WELCOME to the facility - Sue Schueth, Mary Tilkes, Herbert Carpenter and Maria Woods.

     . . . and to the Team - Celeste Holschlag, Kendra Papousek, Bobbi Hageman and Riley Burgart

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Dorothy Dorn - 4, Duane Galligan - 9, Thelma Kellogg - 12


STAFF BIRTHDAYS - MaryAnn Flatjord-6, Mariah Wickham-7, Joelle Zeien-16, Leo Bakula-23, Mariah Darling-23, Candy Tottingham-29 

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Ashley Holthaus-6 yrs., Nicki Kloster-5 yrs., Tori Gebert-4 yrs.,

Taylor Perkins-1 yr., Kayla Gebel-1 yr.

     Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad you were able to return home after your stay - Valeria Franzen, Maxine Johnson and Evelyn Bearman.

     Our heartfelt thoughts go to the families of:  Carla Flattum, Marvin Westendorf and Adrian Freidhof  We are grateful for the privilege to have known them.