I hope all the mom's, grandma's, great-grandma's and soon to be mom's had a great Mother's Day.

It's hard to believe June is here.  With that, June is dairy month and the start of County Fairs.  With fairs being cancelled last year, what I missed the most was the fair food.  My favorite fair food is blooming onions, cotton candy and funnel cake.  The Mighty Howard County Fair starts on June 23 through June 27.

In honor of the dairy farmers I decided my recipe would be homemade ice cream.  I remember in Girl Scouts making tin can ice cream.  I found this recipe called ice cream in a bag.

2 tablespoons sugar, 1 cup half & half or light cream, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 cup coarse salt or table salt, (canning salt works), ice, gallon size ziplock bag pint size ziplock bag.  Mix the sugar, half & half and vanilla together.  Pour into a pint-size ziplock bag.  Make sure it seals tightly.  Now, take the gallon bag and fill it up halfway with ice and pour the salt over the ice.  Now place the cream filled bag into the ice filled bag and seal.  Make sure it is sealed tightly and start shaking.  Shake for about 5 minutes or (8 minutes if you used heavy cream).    Open the gallon bag and check to see if the ice cream is hard, is not, keep shaking.  Once the ice cream is finished, quickly run the closed pint-size bag under cold water to wash off the salt.  Next, open it up and enjoy home made ice cream!

Happy Father's Day!