WELCOME to the facility - Claudia Schueller, Arlene Hull, Margaret Whalen, Lyle Njus and Thelma VanLaningham

. . . and to the Team Nicole Hammen, David Liddle, Eric Plagman, Ella Mehdeh, Daykota Schweer, Bailey Kriener and Rachel Hoffman

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Irma Hageman - 8, Maxine Kalvig - 19

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Vernon Wikner-6, Helen Hartmann-28

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - MaryAnn Flatjord-5, Mariah Wickham-7, Tessa Hagen-9, Tori Haugebak- 16, Terry Tucker-24, Emily Jackson-30

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES -Andrea Shekleton - 1 yr., Kayla Gebel - 4 yrs., Taylor Perkins - 4 yrs.

Thank you for staying with us.  Best wishes on your new journey! - Jan Reaman and Arlene Hull

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of Daniel Geerts.  We're grateful for the privilege to have known him.