WELCOME to the facility - Ricky Kobliska, Cal Roberson, Leo Rasing, Kathleen Sullivan, Gilbert Lensing, Lucille Reicks, Lois langreck and Joe Tierney

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Margaret Schmidt-3, Ricky Kobliska-6, Lois Langreck-7, Gilbert Winter-22, Ken Schneberger-27, Larry Benz-28

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Hannah Wiltse-1, Danielle Mashek-4, Shelby Lau-14, Marlys Berst-15, Ernest Willsher-28, Hayley Massman-29

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Linda Green - 5 yrs., Lori Hanson - 5 yrs.

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home after your stay - Betty Brunscheon

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the families of:  Cal Roberson and Roger Nosbisch