Happy Holidays to all!

Hayley and I wanted to review the refrigerator and food brought into the facility policy.  The policy is set up to ensure resident safety, prevent any food related health problems and prevent any rodent infestations.  All personal refrigerators in resident rooms need to have a thermometer in them purchased by family to ensure food is staying fresh and does not cause any food related health problems.  Any food brought into the facility by family or friends needs to be checked in by dietary staff or the charge nurse.  The dietary staff or charge nurse will appropriately label all items.  All perishable items will be stored in the residents' personal refrigerator of applicable or appropriate facility refrigerator.  Nonperishable food items must be properly packaged and may be stored in residents rooms.  Staff does check resident's personal refrigerators and may discard outdated or unsafe foods.  Any items not dated or labeled will be thrown out immediately.