Happy New Year!

We welcome new beginnings with the new year to see where this journey of life takes us!  The snow has finally arrived covering everything with a lovely coat of white.  In January we will be doing activities that deal with snow, but inside where it is nice and warm!  You are always welcome to come in and join the fun!

As a friendly reminder your cards and letters get here faster when you address them with P.O. Box 428, as we do pick up mail daily from the Post Office.  Also, don't forget to include your loved one's name on the envelope as there are a lot of moms, grandmas, dads and grandpas to sort out if it doesn't have a name on it.

We always welcome volunteers, so if you have some time to spare you can check out the calendar and join in on our fun activities.  It is always nice to have fresh faces to share our stories with.

Keep warm and enjoy!