WELCOME to the facility - Kenneth Klotz, Alona Knutson, Leo Rasing, Francis Reicks and Jerome Marion.

. . . and to the Team - Rylee Schumacher, Jessica Baker, Jaycie Byrne and Norah Orthaus

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Darlene Lansing-7, Mary Shinstine-12, Paul Hassman-23, Germaine Denner-25, Lloyd Drewelow-29 and Lillian Chipera-31

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Marcella Burke-7, Donald Leibold-11, Thelma Allen-18 and Claudia Schueller-30

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Rylle Schumacher-7, Ashley Hammer-8, Constance Majewski-8, Heidi Reed-9, Branigan Dahl-9, Renata Sittig-11,

Penny Corbitt-17, Asiasna Toney-19, Mindy Ellsworth-24, Hannah Benhart-25, Sherry kazda-Dietz-25 and Lyn Bailey-27

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Victoria Jordan - 2 yrs., Sherry Kazda-Dietz - 4 yrs., Heidi Reed - 5 yrs., Lou Holzer - 6 yrs., Donna Rosonke - 31 yrs.

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home.  Davis Jacobson and Bessie Freeney.

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of  Alvina Imoehl.  We are grateful for the privilege to have known her.