The residents have been busy with visitors this holiday season!  This is a time of year when residents receive a lot of new clothing and food items.  Please remember to label all clothing and food items that are brought into the facility.  Please remove clothing that no longer fits them or clothing that they no longer wear to make room for new items.  Bringing clothing in for seasonal use and taking the out of season home is a great idea due to our limited storage space.  Please also remember all food items need to be checked in by the kitchen.  Food items need to be placed in sealable containers to maintain freshness and prevent pests.  Also, as a reminder, humidifiers that are brought into the facility will need to be maintained by the family.  Staff will assist in keeping them filled as needed, but cleaning and filter replacements should be done as per each individual unit's instructions.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for all you do for your loved ones!

Hayley & Tessa