Welcome to the facility -Roger Nosbisch, Margaret Kleve, Annetta Katz, Grant Pacovsky, Mary Shinstine, Thelma Allen, Dennis Hereid and Rosemary Anderson

 . . . and to the Team - Marie Otero-Rivera, Shannon Harris, Danielle Mashek and Sabrina Felts

Resident birthdays - Mary Shinstine-12, Nadine Whiteman-13, Germaine Denner-25, Lloyd Drewelow-29, Lillian Chipera-31

Assisted Living birthdays - Darlene Lansing-7, Marcella Burke-7, Thelma Allen-18, Paul Hassman-23, Claudia Schueller-30,Marlene Weigel-31

Staff birthdays - Ashley Hammer-8, Heidi Reed-9, Renata Sittig-11, Penny Corbitt-17, Mindy Ellsworth-24, Carrie Hanson-25, Sherry Kazda-Dietz-25 and Lyn Bailey-27

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home or transfer to our Assisted Living - Lucille Reicks, Grant Pacovsky, Ella Mae Adams, Thelma Allen and Jim Mauer

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of:  Thelma Kellogg, We are grateful for the privilege to have known her.

Staff Anniversaries - Donna Rosonke - 30 yrs.,Lou Ellen Holzer - 5 yrs., Heidi Reed - 4 yrs., Sherry Kazda-Dietz - 3 yrs., Aaliyah Boss - 2 yrs., Christina Speicher - 1 yr., Victoria Jordan - 1 yr.