February is the month that most people recognize the gift of love and what is in their hearts for another as well as how to keep your heart healthy.  It is our heart healthy month!  It is always important to recognize the importance of our physical as well as emotional side of us as humans.  It is recommended that walking is by far one of the most preventative health measures that one can do for themselves.  Exercise indeed is the fountain of youth, this is one of the most precious gifts we can give our body.  Remember to start with something simple and work your way to more extraneous exercise.  Listen to your body, it will let you know when you are pushing your limits.

This month we celebrate the Dietary Department and wish to recognize all the wonderful food items that they provide.  It is not just anyone that can serve over 120,000 meals per year with a smile and a substitute just in case we need a different choice.  Join us in thanking Sara and her department for all that they do.

As always, we feel privileged to be part of your lives and thank you for the opportunities we have to be part of your life.