We hope the New Year is treating you well!  The holidays have been very busy with visitors.  This is a time of year when residents receive new clothing.  Please remember that it does need to have their name on it and the staff can assist you with marking new clothing items.  Also remember that as new clothing items arrive, perhaps coming into the facility and tidying up the closet would be a good idea this time of year.  Please remove clothing that no longer fits them or clothing that they no longer wear.  Bringing clothing in for seasonal use and taking the out of season clothing home is also a great idea due to our limited storage space.  

Humidifiers that are brought in by families are to be maintained by the families as well.  Staff is able to assist in keeping them filled as needed, but are ultimately the responsibility of the family.  Please also check the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and replacing the filters.  Please do not hesitate to call or stop in for a visit if you have any questions or concerns about your loved ones nursing care.  We are always open to new suggestions and appreciate your input.

Hayley & Kristina