Hello from Kensington Place!

COVID-19 continues to occupy too much of our thoughts, time and efforts.  We so look forward to the day when we no longer have to use the word "COVID."  For now, we are doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy.  These are trying times, but we are getting through them.

As many of you are well aware, there have been positive cases associated with the facility.  We are doing our best to stop the virus from spreading, including practicing proper PPE usage, in room dining, extra cleaning and sanitizing of high touch surfaces, and discontinuation of group activities.

Now more than ever, our tenants could really use thoughtful gestures to brighten their days.  Our community has done a great job meeting these needs by sending flowers, treats and participating in fun window parades.  We appreciate all of the efforts!

This holiday season is going to be tough.  We know that and really wish it weren't so.  Please keep your eyes open for a letter addressing the holiday season, coming to you soon.  In the meantime, know that we will do our best to support and encourage you all through this difficult season.  Hope is coming, and we can't wait until we can open our doors to you once again.

Have a safe and blessed Holiday season!

Amy Orr/Director