WELCOME to the facility - David Jacobson and Bessie Freeney

. . . and to the Team - Amanda Reuter, Jerzi Gitch, Kent Ackerson, Aaliyah Boss, Raquel Schmitt, Peney Rasing and Tierney Perkins

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Helena Savage-2, Doris Galligan-19, Delores Weigel-21 and Marion Stone-28

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Kathleen Sullivan-18, Esther Jorgensen-31

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Lacy Reams-9, Amanda King-24, Troyetta Barron-28, Kennedy Huffman-31

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Danielle Mashek - 1 yr.


Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of Annetta Katz, we are grateful for the privilege to have known her.