We are excited to announce that Tessa Hagen has accepted our Assistant DON position.  Tessa has extensive long-term care nursing experience as well as a background in home health and psychiatric nursing.  We are also happy to announce that Amanda King will be transitioning into Tessa's Restorative nursing position.  Amanda has been here as a charge nurse since 2017.  Amanda and Tessa will both be great assets in their new roles!  Also, just a friendly reminder to please send us a copy of your new Medicare beneficiary ID cards.  Effective January 1st, 2020, the old Medicare numbers will no longer be accepted.  The old Medicare numbers typically included a Social Security number with a letter at the end.  These have recently been replaced with a new Medicare beneficiary ID which includes a combination of numbers and letters.  If you have not received a new beneficiary ID number, please contact Medicare and make a request for the new ID card.