Whether we like it or not, the cold weather is upon us!  That means we have to deal with the flu, cold and pneumonia.  So here are a few tips to help us stay healthier through the long winter:

-  Eat healthy - be sure to stock up on "winter" fruits and veggies like grapes and root veggies.  Also, eat foods that increase your immunity like fish, chicken and eggs.

-  Stay active - it can be harder to get out and move around in the cold/snowy weather.  Try joining a wellness center or finding new ways to exercise around your home.

-  Let the sun in - if it's too cold or snowy to go outside, open your blinds and get some sun.  The Vitamin D is important for your body.

-  Keep in touch - try to keep in touch with family and friends.  It could be having someone come over for coffee or just talking on the phone.