Per federal guidelines, we began our baseline testing at the beginning of September.  The frequency of our testing has been determined by our county positivity rates per CMS.  Throughout the month of September, the positivity rates in Chickasaw county have been in the red, indicating our rates are above 10%.  This has required the facility to test all residents and staff twice weekly.  Baseline testing resulted in positive cases of COVID-19 associated with the facility.  The facility worked closely with state and local health agencies to contain the outbreak.  The Department of Inspections and Appeals sent a surveyor to our facility on 9/22 due to the COVID outbreak and she was very happy with the facility infection control practices stating our staff were "top of the line!"  Most of the positive cases have since recovered, with no symptoms or mild symptoms.

We just want to thank all our staff, residents and families for all of their support during the last few weeks!  We are grateful for all the food that has been brought into the facility and the warm wishes we have received!

Hayley & Tessa