WELCOME to the facility - Karen Anderson and Tony Klenske

. . . and to the Team - Aaliyah Gray, Susan Keune, Staci Taylor, Carlee Miller, Daisy Salvador and Katy Doyle

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Rita Rasing-6, Nadine Schumacher-14, Bonnie Welden-23, Alona Knutson-24


STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Aaliyah Gray-5, Samantha Wedo-5, Krystina Lipa-10, Sue Ellen Lechtenberg-11, Kent Ackerson-15, Kelsey Kane-16,                      and Valerie Tobin-26

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Valerie Tobin - 3 yrs., Beth Schwickerath - 2 yrs., Rebecca Schilling - 2 yrs., Sue Ellen Lechtenberg - 1 yr.,                   Dawn Jurgensen - 1 yr. and Aiyana Hackelton - 1 yr.

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the families of:  Jerome Marion, Valeria Franzen and Albert Hartmann.  We are grateful for the privilege to have known them.