Hayley and I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer! 

Quality measures are important in long-term care.  We are always looking for ways to improve these.  Our goal is to be a five-star facility.  There are many different areas that are looked at for quality measures.  Some of these areas include:  Increased assistance with activities of daily living, pressure sores, urinary catheters, urinary tract infections, pain, falls with major injuries.  These areas are a set of measures that have been developed from MDS (Minimum Data Set) that describe the quality of care that is provided in long-term care settings.  The Minimum Data Set information is gathered by a nurse who assesses your loved one and enters that information into a computer system, which is then sent into Medicare.  Our MDS Coordinator is Heidi Reed, RN.  All departments work together to ensure we excel in these areas and provide kind, compassionate care.  Please call or visit with any questions.

Hayley & Kristina