WELCOME to the facility - Florian Langreck, Henry Savage, Mary Lantow and Terry Weigel

. . . and to the Team - Hannah Benhart, Andea Davis, Kathleen Hefel, Taylor Otto and Casey Melver

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Elaine Costigan-13, Francella Burgart-15, Michelle Waidler-21, Jan Reaman-21, Valeria Franzen-24, Joe Tierney-25

ASSISTED LIVING BIRTHDAYS - Kay Eischeid-7, Lucille McKay-17

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Teresa Myers-1, Cassandra Nosbisch-1, Kaitlain Schmitt-5, Kayla Gebel-8, Cheryl Rethamel-8, Samantha Flugge-9, Bridget Toberman-9, Ethan Orthaus-11, Ashley Jackson-11, Kaylyn Baumler-11, Elaine Mayo-14, Daawn Njus-14, Molly Onken-14, Linda Green-22

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Michelle Orthaus-35 yrs., Yuvy Nullan-7 yrs., Ernie Willsher-6 yrs., Mariah Wickham-2 yrs., Theresa Hagen-2 yrs., natalie Breitbacj-2 yrs., Taylor Boos-2 yrs., Tori Haugebak-1 yr., Shelby Lau-1 yr.

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home or transfer easily to another home.  Gilbert Lensing, Lois Langreck and Florian Langreck

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of Margaret Ann Schmidt.  We are grateful for the privilege to have known her.