WELCOME to the facility - Shirley Hansen, Mona Ackley and Jerry Miller.

. . . and to the Team - Randi Jurgensen

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Elaine Costigan - 13, Michelle Waidler - 21 and Jan Reaman - 22

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Teresa Myers-1, Kaitlain Schmitt-5, Cheryl Rethamel-8, Kayla Gebel-8, Sam Flugge-9, Ashley Jackson-11,

Ethan Orthaus-11, Elaine Mayo-14, Dawn Njus-14, Molly Onken-14, Linda Green-22 and Kaitlyn Oswald-28

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Michelle Orthaus-34 yrs., Lucy Bill-14 yrs., Yuvy Nullan-6 yrs., Ernie Willsher-5 yrs., Mariah Wickham-2 yrs., Taylor Boos-1 yr., Tessa Hagen-1 yr. and Natalie Beritbach-1 yr.

Thank you for staying with us.  We're glad that you were able to return home or transfer to another home safely. - Jerry Mahan, Shirley Hansen and Kathy Anderson