WELCOME to the facility - Don Heck, Alona Knutson, Maxine Kalvig and Shirley Hansen

. . . and to the Team - Brooke Usher, Alexus Hampton, Alexia Kappmeyer, Margaret Uhlenhake and Jacob Hidding

RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS - Joyce Kramer-2, Edna Pickar-18, Earl Katz-20

STAFF BIRTHDAYS - Susan Keune-1, Courtney Wagens-11, Sheila Lipa-23

STAFF ANNIVERSARIES - Nancy Copper - 26 yrs., Dawn Njus - 8 yrs., Lacy Reams - 6 years., Krystina Lipa - 3 yrs., Renata Sittig - 3 yrs.,              Alicia Fink - 1 yr., Samantha Wedo - 1 yr.

Thank you for staying with us.  Best wishes on your new journey!  Don Heck and Alona Knutson

Our heartfelt thoughts go to the family of Leo Rasing.  We're grateful for the privilege to have known him.