With the holidays coming up, I wanted to let everyone know of our updated visitation policy. You no longer need to call and schedule an appointment. You are welcome to come at any time but ask that you avoid mealtimes. Visitors will still be screened for any signs or symptoms of infection. Please do not visit if you have signs of infection. Visitors need to wear a mask throughout the building. Visitors should go straight to the resident’s room. Please avoid visiting in the hallways, dining room, or lounge areas. Residents can go out of the facility with family. Resident’s going out for more than 24 hours or going to high-risk areas may require 14 days of isolation. Please talk to a nurse about risks of taking loved ones out to large gatherings. Covid cases are increasing in our county, and we want to make sure to try and keep our residents as safe as possible. Thank you for your help and understanding!

Tessa Hagen- ADON, ICP